Life in Daisen — Lee Kirsopp

Daisen is a beautiful city. From its vibrant green in summer, piercing golden in autumn, and striking white in winter, to the kindest people in Japan, there is something special about Daisen.

My favourite thing about living in Daisen is the festivals. There is a feeling of community at the festivals here that I haven't experienced anywhere else. Everyone welcomes the newcomers with happy faces and open arms, encouraging us to be involved. Ota Fire Festival was a particular highlight of winter, with live mochi making, snow rice planting, giant paper lanterns, huge pillars of fire, and of course fireworks.

Daisen has the best fireworks in the world. The Omagari Fireworks was hours of the most impressive day and night time fireworks I have ever seen. And the fireworks at every other festival in Daisen are equally impressive, on a smaller scale. The only fault I can find, is that I will be disappointed in all other fireworks from now on.

Winter in Daisen is spectacular. The rice fields fill up with beautifully white snow, and the ski fields come to life. Ohdai Ski Area has become my go-to for snowboarding. It has perfect powdery slopes for beginners and more advanced slopes for skiiers. The view from the top is the best in Daisen. In the daytime you can see huge squares of immaculate snow dotted with small townships, and, if it's a clear day, a great view of Mt Chokai. At night, the skiing and view is even better.

Lastly, the fresh fruit and vegetables are delicious. The local farmers take great care with their vegetables and it shows. The fresh, crunchy capsicums are my favourite, followed closely by the fresh tomatoes. In the first week I was here I was incredibly lucky to go blueberry picking. The blueberries were delicious and it is one of my favourite memories.

Thank you Daisen.

 Lee Kirsopp